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„We cannot predict future,
but we can put the basis for something in the future,
because we can build future."

[Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

Various electronic communication and data exchange are firm components of our everyday life. Applications and user requirements are subject to permanent progress. Adequate broadband connection is an essential location factor as well as an important part of public basis services. And last but not least it enables future prosperity.

Efficient networks and infrastructures, which are increasingly based on optical fiber, are needed to provide adequate data rates. Designing and constructing these networks is a big challenge of our generation because the related questions are various and complex.

It is your turn as municipal utility, municipality or regional telecommunication carrier to face and handle this challenge!

We support you with all
topics and projects concerning the construction and operation of fiber optical networks. Our integrated consulting activities cover a wide field of technical and economic items. Furthermore we have cooperations with efficient partners to generate additional expertise and capacity.

experience and skills enable us providing practical solutions to your questions.

Let´s make the change in communication networks!

..... Marcus Mueller......

Professional experience

Entrepreneur  fiberstrategy

Design, planning and implementation of modern telecommunication networks

Head of technology and sales (Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH,
Telecommunications Department)

Management of technology and sales division | strategy and development of the network | FTTx | studies and concepts | consulting for municipalities| contract management | project management

Strategical planning and development (Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH, Telecommunications Department)

Strategy in technical and sales issues | sales and project management | contract management

Technical Sales Engineer (Alcatel SEL AG Stuttgart, Optical Network Division)

Planning of Alcatel's SDH- and WDM-equipment corresponding to customer´s requirements | design of networks based on active technologies | protection and redundancy strategies | technical support for costumers and German sales department


Studies of Technical Management (DAA Technikum / Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Stuttgart)

Master's thesis: "Technical and economical analysis of  FTTH - project in a residential area of Tübingen” |
Master Professional (CCI) of Technical Management

Studies of Electrical Engineering / Telecommunications (University of Cooperative Education, Stuttgart / Alcatel SEL AG)

Diploma thesis: "Calculation of Transmission Networks' Transport Capacity based on Facts about Applications, User-Classes and Access-Technologies" | Graduated Telecommunications Engineer and B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

...... Portfolio......

"Finally human spirit is needed to make all technologies alive.”

[Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

fiberstrategy offers integrated consulting in all concerns of construction and operation of fiber optical networks. In close cooperation with our customers we design, plan and implement fiber optical networks that fulfill your future requirements.

In the field of project management we are a reliable partner in controlling and realising TC-projects.

Furthermore we accompany our customers in items of strategy and innovation.